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“An apple a day keeps the doctor away!” But it is only a temporary solace! After a while, one may be off in search of one medical advice or another, for the self or one of the family members. Whatever may be the case, we cannot wish away our need of doctors of various specialties. Your relationship with your doctor is unlike any other as it is important to have a long-standing relationship between a patient and his or her physician. Why is it so important? Some of the reasons are listed here:

  • A physician who has an established relationship with the patient and his family knows their medical history well enough to save time in diagnosis. This can be vital in an emergency.
  • Enhances the cost-effectiveness as such relationships make batteries of costly lab procedures redundant.

Where do you find such a physician who will be the long-term caretaker and guide for your health

Choose your Physician

We must give sufficient time, care and the seriousness in choosing the right physician. Such an important decision certainly warrants them. But still, some of us give more time and care to select a new mobile than our primary care doctor. There are many factors one has to consider and evaluate before choosing the physician. Some of these factors are a) the ability to provide quality care, b) professional training undergone and the background, c) willingness to give you the proactive advice to keep you away from illness, d) having privileges in the hospital of your interest, e) having the kind of demeanor that encourages you to ask questions, f) ability to listen to you and explain things to you clearly, and g) polite outlook and the nature of giving and taking respect. The next step is to find a medical professional with the specialty to satisfy your or family’s special medical needs.

To find the Right Specialist to meet your need

Within the family, the medical needs may differ from individual to individual and from time to time. For example, a wife sometimes may require a Gynecologist, children need to be taken to a Pediatrician, grandparents may wish to consult a Geriatrician etc. At times, everyone may require the services of a Dentist, Pathologist, Therapist, Podiatrist, Audiologist, or a Psychologist.

We can begin our search with a referral from our PCP (primary care physician). Nonetheless, you do not have to accept the first doctor referred to by your PCP. You may carry out your own research before finalizing the specialist you want to consult.

You must also be alert to the terms of your health insurance too. If it requires a second opinion, it has to be covered before proceeding further. Before the visit, you must verify the limits of your insurance coverage.



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