4 Tips to Exercise Right

Exercise is hard sometimes. Some days you just don't feel like working out, and it can physically hurt to do so. However, you have to push through your barriers and keep moving forward, or you'll backslide horribly. You can make these few changes and do very well with your workouts from here on out. Just remember that the most important part is to actually do this stuff.

Set Goals

Goal setting may seem like something that'll just waste your time, but a lot of great things come out of fitness goals. You'll feel guilty if you don't do anything, and that can help motivate you to get back to it. Missing one workout isn't the end of the world, but making a goal out of each workout can turn it into a game you want to win. This is the start of making more positive and productive habits.

Record Everything

How many pushups did you do today? Did you go for a run or a swim? The more you record, the more you'll notice your successes. If you don't notice them or think about them, you'll start to consider yourself too accomplished compared to the losers of the world or too pathetic next to the biggest winners. When you notice that over time you're able to do more, you'll start to feel proud of what you've done. This is a great motivator to keep pushing forward in spite of every obstacle that may get in your way.

Do Something Every Day

If all else fails, you will build habits if you do some kind of exercise every day. It doesn't have to be anything extreme -- some days even a long walk will do. But provided you do some kind of exercise every day, your habits will make you feel bad if you don't. Plus, once you start into a workout, it's very easy to add a little bit more to it until you've done a lot more than you planned on doing. This is a good problem to create.

Make Fitness Friends

If all of your friends are fat, weak slobs, you are naturally going to be one, as well. However, your friends can also help you to pull yourself up by being the kinds of people you want to be. Who cares if you're the fat friend? That just means you'll have gone the farthest when you eventually catch up.



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